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Nov 2019


Aroma Cigars etc was founded to be a cigar lounge and brand that caters to all walks of life.

Feb 2015

Getting It Done

We began to provide an amazing ambiance at our locations for all walks of life to do business deals or to have a peaceful place to do work or to leave work behind and unwind.  Here you can relax, read a good book , have a good cigar, or just watch your favorite sports .

Jun 2014

Growth - Renovate!

We became more aware of our clientele and began to provide more elegance for all at a great price. We also introduced Premium handmade cigars at a moderate price and premium spirits at a great price.

Sep 2016


Aroma Cigars etc continue goal is to bring people together, to communicate, and have good conversations.  Just let your hair down or loosen your tie and enjoy our entertainment under one common thing; a great cigar!

Welcome to the new AROMA CIGARS ETC.

We are committed in you
You've got to have a commitment to your craft. - Scottie Pippen
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